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We understand through real world experience

Few, if any, supply chain verifications involve the use of trained investigators with actual real-world boots on the ground experience in combatting forced labor, child labor exploitation and politically imprisoned workers.


What's more many current chain verifications involve a process of exchanges of information from source, sort of when purchasing a home relying upon the agents advertising or owners' hand on the heart promise there is no rot in the foundations. We go further, we investigate, we provide assurance, we know better.

Our approach surpasses these limitations; we don't just offer reassurance; we possess comprehensive understanding and awareness, and can put boots on the ground.

Our people

Our team is substantially made up of ex-police, former military personal and intelligence officers. Not just ghosts in a call centre, but real people who know supply chains, know the pervasiveness of exploited labor and have boots on the ground experience. The Sourcetick comes with credibility that we have actually undertaken a proper investigation, not just relied upon someone's word or documentation. We go to the source.


In today's world all industries are subject to becoming unknowingly complicit with forced and child labor exploitation. From stuffed toys to wind farms, components and even whole systems are being manufactured using forced and child labor. It is estimated this trade is worth in excess of $100 billion per year.

The tick

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Businesses that display our tick have shown they have truly investigated their supply chains to source and their chain is free of labor and child exploitation. Each tick comes with an individual QR code linked to our online verification system.

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