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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we have genuine worldwide reach with true experienced professionals who know the forced labor and child exploitation business from real world experience.

Our team is dedicated to ridding supply chains of forced and child labor. The reality of this type of work is that we cannot for security and investigative integrity reasons publicly display many of our essential team members and contractors.


We are however always willing to meet with clients and let our team resume speak for itself.


Andrew Goddard

Chief Operating Officer - Head of Investigations

A seasoned operative, having served in UK Military Airborne and intelligence units, as a Police officer, as a Police training specialist, Senior Investigator, Intelligence operative and as a security head, Andrew has been actively involved in both training forces to and directly involved with, investigation, infiltration, suppression and prosecutions of forced labor enterprises and child exploitation. Andrew has a reputation for delivering, whether it be in mountains of Afghanistan, the fishing villages of Thailand, or the boardroom.

Andrew is licensed pursuant to the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

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