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Supply Chain Mapping

Modern slavery and nefarious labor practices can topple brands.

 Supply chain mapping is vital to weed out bad actors.

Our Investigation Process

Stage One

Our process begins with a collaborative session, where one of our skilled investigators works closely with you. Together, we embark on Stage One, which entails crafting a foundational map.


During this phase, we construct a comprehensive overview of your product's journey — right from its origin to the final refined state.


Every piece of information within your grasp, be it about manufacturers, farmers, service providers, or the product itself, finds its place in this high-level outline.

Stage Two

Moving on to Stage Two, our dedicated team of investigators and intelligence experts step in.


With careful attention, we closely examine the foundation map created earlier, identifying any potential risk points.


Based on this analysis, we craft a preliminary investigation strategy that outlines the necessary steps, estimated time frame, and associated costs. This plan is then presented to you for review and approval.

Typically, this phase takes around 14 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the investigation. However, we also understand that urgent situations arise. In such cases, we're prepared to address immediate sourcing challenges, initiating investigations within just 24 hours of contact.

Stage 3

Progressing to Stage Three, synergy between our investigation, intelligence, and analysis teams becomes paramount.


We distinguish ourselves by adopting a proactive approach – our strategy often involves engaging boots-on-the-ground personnel. This hands-on approach is particularly vital when our initial investigation fails to provide a comprehensive perspective or when intelligence flags potential discrepancies, the presence of unscrupulous entities, or dubious activities.

Our investigations are fluid and adaptive, accommodating shifts based on real-time intelligence gathered during the process.


Throughout, we maintain a steady flow of communication with our clients. Regular updates keep you informed about ongoing progress, immediate concerns, any necessary adjustments to timelines, and the potential need for additional resources.

The Report

Upon the culmination of the three stages and the fulfillment of our investigative process, you will receive an in-depth report alongside a concise one-page executive summary. This report encompasses a visual depiction of the entire supply chain journey, spanning from its origin to final delivery. During the initial presentation, we consider this report as a "preliminary" version, pending consultation and feedback from you.

Following this collaborative consultation, we proceed to assemble a definitive final report. 


The Tick

The report is then augmented by the inclusion of your unique "sourcetick" and a verification link that includes a graphical QR code that links to each individual verification. These elements further affirm the accuracy and legitimacy of the information presented in the report, concluding our comprehensive process, the 'tick' is valid for 12 months.

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